Meet Aurélia, your Changing Natures animator!

She is one of the animators of the Changing Natures programme at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris (France). Aurélia will be posting on the platform under the pseudonym "Aurélia Histoires de nature" to chat with you, suggest themed calls for participations and report on the life of the project in the news section.

Aurélia is an anthropologist who joined the Museum after working on contemporary China, where she studied fair trade initiatives in particular. More recently, she found herself discovering the fascinating adventures of a group of residents of a large Chinese city who, faced with the rapid destruction of old buildings in favour of urbanisation projects, have written an amateur history of the architectural heritage by collecting old photos, postcards and oral testimonies... Well, well... people building knowledge together, around issues that are both political and social... This led her to Changing Natures. What fascinates her about this programme is, on the one hand, finding out how people see and experience environmental change, by giving evidence in the form of a photo, an extract from a book, a fragment of a song, an object... but it's also about participating in the creation of a community of people who together will write a sensitive, embodied history of the environment.

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