Looking for Changing Natures in Saint-Brieuc (France)!

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Our contributor AMSB explains in several videos in French her train of thought in her quest for Changing Natures around Saint-Brieuc (France).

AMSB is the author of a number of contributions, like a series of thoughts on the relationship between nature and the city. She takes us on a journey of discovery through Saint-Brieuc (France) and Japan.

In object 53 "The valley of Gouédic", AMSB observes the contours of a boulevard that follows the curves of the valley, and the variations in the use of vegetation in urbanisation over recent decades.

Looking at these same boulevards from a different angle raises questions about what makes up the memory of an urban landscape: monuments or trees? This is what AMSB is exploring in object 69 "What's in the frame".

In object 70 "What was there before there was something?", AMSB found an exception in the archives: the past of what is now Avenue Corneille, which was once... an experimental potato field!

AMSB then takes us to Japan, where on one of her travels she discovered a different relationship between the city and nature, and she talks about this in the object 71 “Is nature empty or full?”.

With object 72 "Far from the eyes far from the heart: the Grève des Courses in Saint-Brieuc", AMSB returns to Saint-Brieuc and takes us through the long history of the Grève des Courses.

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