Deine KlimaFragen: "Changing Natures" in Dialogue with School Students

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What are the signs of climate change we see today? How can I, as a young person, engage myself for more sustainability? And what jobs exist that can have an impact on sustainability and climate change?

The project "Deine KlimaFragen" (Your Climate Questions) by BildungsCent brings students in grades 8-12 together with people from science, economy and civil society who are committed to more sustainability. The format allows students to ask any questions they are interested in and share their own perspectives on the Anthropocene. Julia Tovote, PhD student and visiting scholar at Changing Natures, is among the scientists who engage in dialogue with students.

Since 2019, she has been regularly involved in the programs of BildungsCent, a nonprofit organization that works to promote a new and sustainable culture of teaching and learning.

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