How has nuclear energy shaped your environment? Share your memories

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Citizens are invited to contribute their own objects and personal stories to a collection on the topic of nuclear energy.

How has the use of nuclear energy changed your environment? What personal objects or documents from the past can tell us about this change? The Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (BASE) and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin invite you to contribute to a digital collection of human-made environmental changes with your own objects and personal stories about nuclear energy.

The collection on nuclear energy is part of the "Changing Natures" project of the natural history museums in Berlin and Paris. The aim is to connect personal, local and cultural knowledge about the human impact on nature through a digital collection. Anyone interested can contribute to the collection by photographing an object and explaining its relevance with their own story or memory.


Our Partner: 

The Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (BASE) performs regulatory, licensing and supervisory tasks for the German government in relation to the disposal, storage, handling and transport of high-level radioactive waste. BASE supports and advises the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection on issues related to nuclear disposal and nuclear safety. It also conducts and coordinates research in its subject fields.


How to contribute?

1 Choose your object!

Your object should:

  • come from the past
  • have a personal connection to you
  • tell something about nuclear energy and the changes to our environment

It’s up to you to decide which object you want to add to the collection: It can be a memory connected to the anti-nuclear movement or experiences with the site selection process for a repository for highly radioactive waste. Perhaps you can tell us something about your work at the site of a nuclear power plant or interim storage facility or maybe you are affected by existing repository projects such as the Konrad mine? Perhaps you come from a region where uranium was extracted? Anyone, far beyond the examples mentioned, can take part. We look forward to all contributions!



2 Show us your object!

Take a photo of your object. 



3 Make your object and its story part of the collection

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  • Now you can create your contribution by clicking on Contribute.
  • In the first step, please select that your contribution is part of the call "How has nuclear energy shaped your environment?".
  • The website will guide you through the process step by step. 
  • Please mark your contribution with at least one of the following keywords: nuclear energy, nuclear safety, nuclear energy use, nuclear waste.


Here you can explore the existing collection and make your own contribution: