Changing Natures on the Caisse des Dépôts blog

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The Caisse des Dépôts blog is a space for sharing the words of experts on the challenges and solutions for anticipating and adapting territories to environmental changes. In an interview with Frédérique Chlous, participative sciences are discussed and a focus is proposed on "Changing Natures".

"Participatory sciences are currently experiencing a singular boom, as measured by the growth in scientific publications mentioning citizen involvement, the multiplication of co-constructed initiatives, and the growing interest of institutions in the subject. What are the challenges of participatory science? What are its contributions? For what uses? What about the reliability of the data collected? What role(s) for citizens? Can they be a lever for transforming public policies?
Frédérique Chlous sheds light on this issue."

Read the rest of the article in French by following this link.

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